[Review] 2NE1 – I Love You

Hello, guys! So, I decided to do something different this time and review 2NE1′s new single ‘I Love You.’ I used write reviews for a certain site, so I wouldn’t say I’m completely new to this, though, there is still room for improvement.

As for why exactly I’m doing this, I do not know, I’m just bored and wanted to share my opinion on this song. 2NE1 was the first Korean group I listened to, so they are special in that sense. I’m no longer a Black Jack but without further ado, let’s get into the review.

When I first heard that 2NE1 was to make a comeback, I was excited but I did not want to raise my expectations, since k-pop in general has been quite disappointing in that field as of late. When YG began releasing the image teasers, my excitement instantly died down (must have been the ridiculous clothes…curse you Jeremy Scott) and I don’t know why but I no longer really cared about this comeback. Later on, when the short audio teasers were released, that is when I really knew that this will most likely not be my song.

I was quite right.

Even though the song was released earlier, I didn’t really listen to it until the video came out a day or two ago. My first reaction was, I really don’t like this but after I replayed the song a few times for this review, it slightly grew on me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing particularly wrong with this song, except the fact that it doesn’t sound like 2NE1. Yes, maybe they are trying to shift their sound or whatnot but the 2NE1 I fell in love with back in the ‘Clap Your Hands‘ era just isn’t there anymore. Last year’s mini proved that the girls (or their company) were trying out different styles and not all of them exactly fit in perfectly. People might disagree with me but I’m starting to think that what they sing about no longer matches their ‘strong’ and ‘independent’ concept which is a shame. 

As far as ‘I Love You‘ goes in this matter, it’s definitely different and I think slightly rushed. With 2NE1 about to go on a tour, this comeback felt a little too quick after Big Bang‘s, who seemed that they had much more time to prepare and execute their final product with much more effort put in (except maybe TOP, who did not look like he wanted to be a part of the Monster MV, though I wouldn’t blame  him, those outfits were hideous). 

When the chorus of ‘I Love You’ rolled in, I immediately thought that it greatly reminded me of a mix of Big Bang songs, with Monster in the front. Perhaps not the lyrics or anything but the instrumental at the back and the beat, which was a great disappointment to me, since I was looking for something ‘fresh’. The rest of the song sounded pretty generic to me, with nothing particularly marking it as a 2NE1 song, like for example ‘I Am The Best,’ which is a great representation of 2NE1′s overall marketed sound.

However, I do have to say that I am greatly satisfied with the girls’ voices, especially CL‘s and Minzy‘s. I do think that Minzy is perhaps the best vocal in this group but I do believe CL stood out in this song with her note. Bom, though, sort of faded in the back along with Dara, who I am still not sure I like as a part of this group. Speaking of the high note, it was a big surprise that CL carried it out, rather than Bom but even so, I do think it sounds nice and is the highlight of this track. The rap, however, was not needed at all, as it just popped out of nowhere and ruined whatever flow had been there before.

Overall, this song was a pretty big disappointment to me, however, I do see how other people will enjoy it. Maybe it is because I like the loud and more electronic side of 2NE1 but I really did not like this new direction they took. However, since 2NE1 is yet to release the rest of their new album, we will see what the girls and Teddy have in store for us.

Until then, I hope Minzy stays strong and I wish her all the best.

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  • http://doobeedooba.wordpress.com doobeedooba

    Omg, you don’t like the song? <_< damn it, here i was, thinking that we'd be jamming it together over skype…sigh
    But I like this new review thing, you should do some more haha
    btw, i havent talked to you in ages, sowwy but I went back to korea for a week after school ended hihi
    but i agree, i love you really does sound like monster in some parts, its kinda stupid if you ask me

    ohohoho, did you hear t-ara's new song…it is AWESOME, ok?

    • http://kromanized.com KyungMi

      HAAAI!!! How was Korea? Did you see anyone famous?? You better have, lol…I wish I could go out of the country omg, I want to go back to Bulgaria -__-

      Anywho, I think I’m going to write some more reviews in the future, we’ll see…

      And yes, I did hear T-ara’s new song and I agree, it. is. great.

      But my life is about to end tomorrow…fucking summer school…omg I’m going to die–Spanish 2 AND Chemistry…nooooo.

      Okay, bye hun :3 Thanks for commenting ^^

  • noGay

    This song is one of the world best song in 2012, I think. I really love this song.

    • http://kromanized.com KyungMi

      Glad you like it, haha.