MYNAME(마이네임) – I’ll Forget (잊을게…) (Outro)(With Hwanhee) [Romanized/Translated Lyrics]

MYNAME 1st Single

1. Say MY NAME (Intro)
2. Hello & Goodbye
3. Replay
4. Girlfriend

5. 잊을게… (Outro) (With Hwanhee)

Release Date: 2012.06.01

MYNAME – I’ll Forget (Outro) (With Hwanhee)



naegeneun neo malgo ttan sarameun eobseo
mianhae ireoke bonaeji motae
beoseonalsu eobseo deoisang
neoege gildeuryeojin na

neobakke moreuneun baboya nan
baraman bwado johatdeon uri
na eobsi motsanda haetdeon neoinde
ije geuman dasi naegero dorawa
neon jamsi yeope eobtneungeo ppuniya
geureoke nan midgoman sipeoseo

byeonhaji anheulgeotman gatatdeon urinde
modu nae silsuya
ijen eojjeolsu eobtneun georamyeon
niga geureolsu bakke eobtdamyeon
nado ijeulge
ijeoyaji ijeoyaji

To me, there’s no one else but you
I’m sorry that I can’t let you go like this
I can’t escape from you anymore
I am so used to you now

I’m a fool, who only knows you
We used to be happy just looking at each other
You used to say you couldn’t live without me
Now please come back to me
You are just absent from my side right now
I wanted to believe that’s true

I thought we would never change
It’s all my fault
If there’s nothing we can do now
If you have no choice but to do that
Then I’ll forget you
I need to forget you, I need to forget you
But… but…

Composition: 이치우
Lyrics: 환희
Arrangement: 이치우
Korean: music.daum
Translation: pop!gasa
Romanization: KyungMi at kromanized
credit if you use!

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